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  • Maintanence Guide of CCEC Engine in Winter

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    As winter comes, the maintenance of CCEC engine becomes very important for these countries located in cold area, so here we brief some methods of maintenance, which will help you so much. 1, It must pay attention to weather changes if CCEC diesel engine run and locate outside in winter, when the local temperature is below 4 degrees, it should discharge cooling water in radiator of CCEC diesel engine, because the water volume will change largely within 4 degrees, when water changes from liquid to solid, the volume expansion will increase the damage of the cooling water tank. 2. Air filter must be replaced quite often due to poor working environment of CCEC diesel engine in winter, since there are high requests of air filter and fuel filter in winter, the lifetime of CCEC diesel engine will be shortened due to abrasion if we cannot replace them timely. 3. When we choose oil of CCEC diesel engine in winter, it is better to choose oil with thin viscosity. 4, when CCEC diesel engine started in winter, the temperature of breathed air temperature is very lower in cylinder it is hard to reach gas self-combustion temperature after piston compressed gas, so the auxillary measures must be taken before CCEC diesel engine starts, that will help improve body temperature of CCEC diesel engine. 5, CCEC diesel engine must run with low-speed for 3-5 minutes in order to improve CCEC diesel engine temperature, then check the work performance of lubricating oil, it can be put into normal operation after that. meanwhile It should minimize speeding up suddenly or not step on the accelerator to the maximum during running of CCEC diesel engine, otherwise a long-time running will affect the lifetime of valve components.

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