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  • Maintaining Chinese or Euro IV Car with CCEC Engine

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    1. What hazardous substance does the automobile exhaust has?
    a. Nitrous oxides (NOx): It can form acid rain and photochemical smog.
    b. Particulate matter: It can cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases to people.
    2. What is SCR after treatment system?
    SCR means Selective Catalytic Reduction.
    The following pictures show how SCR after treatment system work:
    3. What is urea solution?
    The urea solution is a kind of liquid which is 32.5% density, non-toxic, nonexplosive, nonflammable, pollution-free and limpid and it may have a bit of ammonia gas smell, the storage time is 6-12 month.
    4. What will happen if you use non-standard urea solution?
    Using non-standard urea solution may jam the urea injector and crystallize the urea pump. So it may increase the resistance to the urea injector, decrease the life of the urea pump and what is important, it may heavily increase the maintaining cost. What is more, the car may not reach the emission standard and the engine may produce less power.
    5. What we should do when we use SCR after treatment system?— “4 MUST” and “2 DON’T”.
    “4 MUST”:
    a. Must check whether there is enough urea solution in the urea tank every.
    b. Must let the power on for 30 seconds after the engine shut down (the SCR after treatment system needs 30 seconds to clean the urea remaining in the pipe, then the system will shut down automatically).
    c. Must use clean urea pipe and filling tool, the urea pipe shouldn’t be too long. d. The lid of urea tank must cover tightly to the tank to avoid the urea solution cause pollution and urea crystallizing and to avoid the impurity get into the tank.
    “2 DON’T”:
    a. Don’t put any cleaning solution into the urea pump, use only clean wet cloth to clean it.
    b. Don’t disconnect the connecting joint frequently, if you must do it, clean the joint and parts near to it and install a protective cover to avoid impurity to get into the pipe or the urea pump.
    6. How to maintain the SCR after treatment system?
    CCEC urea pump filter element: need to be changed every 120 kilometers.
    CCEC oil-gas separator filter element: need to be changed every 60 kilometers.

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