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    CM800 Type fuel system is a new type of control system of CCEC diesel engine, the system’s main function is to fuel supply and timing control. Here we elaborate the function and analyse the overhaul of sensor. 1. Coolant temperature sensor of CCEC diesel engine the sensor of diesel engine is lated in the right-front side of cylinder, whose function is to control the fan rotate, adjust the starting fuel supply, control injection timing and engine protection. Diesel engine run ranging between -40 ~ 140 °C. Sensor failure will lead to lower engine speed and power down, and difficulty in starting, diesel engine will shut down if the protection function of CCEC diesel engine is open. The temperature sensor of CCEC diesel engine use two-wire thermal sensor, two-wire sensor is provided with two wires which have a power line and back line. Thermal resistance means that the resistance value will decline with temperature increasing. Therefore, we can use AVO meter to test resistance value of line plug of temperature sensor and compare with normal value to judge if the temperature sensor is working normally or not. Here list the normal range of parameters of temperature sensor, which is applicable to other temperature sensor of all CCEC diesel engine range. CCEC diesel engine temperature sensor range of the normal parameters (fit all CCEC systems) Sensor temperature °C – Resistance °C 0 – 5000 ~ 7000 25 – 1700 ~ 2500 50 – 700 1000 75 – 300 ~ 400 100 – 150 ~ 220 2. Fuel temperature sensor of CCEC diesel engine the sensor is installed on the top of inner shell of the fuel filter. Its function is to control fuel heater and protect CCEC diesel engine through sensor signal. Its working range -40 ~ 140 °C °C. Sensor failure will affect the engine performance. And the maintenance method is same as coolant temperature sensor. 3. Air pressure sensor of CCEC diesel engine the sensor is installed in ECM800 of diesel engine. Its function is to make use of the sensor signals to determine the current atmospheric pressure. The sensor cannot be maintained due to installation in ECM. Any problem must be met by CCEC service engineer. 4. Speed sensor of CCEC diesel engine (crankshaft speed sensor) The sensor is installed in the front gear shell of diesel engine, its function is to test pulse signals and calculate engine speed and control oil supply of diesel engine. Sensor failure of CCEC diesel engine will cause power shortage, unstable idle speed, emission of white smoke, difficulty in starting or shutdown. CCEC diesel engine speed and position sensors Temperature (°C), temperature (?), resistance (Europe) -30, -22,688 20,68,860 50,122,963 Hall-effect speed and position sensors cannot be detected by measuring the resistance. We can test its output signals volt to judge the working performance by cranking CCEC diesel engine. During cranking CCEC diesel engine, the normal work of Hall-effect speed sensor output voltage range between 0V ~ 5V (0V and 5V for the nominal voltage, the actual voltage higher than 0V, slightly lower than 5V).

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