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EMAC has built a good cooperation with Fast Group, which is the well-known as large-scale specialized transmission manufacturing and exporting enterprise. With torque ranges from 400Nm to 3000Nm, a full coverage of forward speeds including 4 to 10 and 12, 16, 20, 24 speed, applied to various trucks, large buses, construction vehicles, special vehicles and low-speed cargos with a load between 3 tons to 60 tons,Fast possesses more than 169 patents, fast has now more than 7 million transmissions in the market, output and sales of transmissions of fast have ranked first in the world for 13 consecutive years, applied on over thousands of vehicle models by more than 150 OEs at home and aboard, transsmissions are exported to overseas market in large batches.

We EMAC are aimed at developing the overseas markets of Fast Transmission and makinng productive cooperation with Fast Group to provide the customers who have needs in automotive field with satisfactory services all over the world.

Here are our products list of all fast products in different applications including transmission, clutch, gear reducer and hydraulic retarder. Welcome to contact our sales team for more information about FAST Transmissions manufactured in China.

Fast·Eaton clutch

Having formed a joint venture with Eaton that focus on developing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, selling and servicing clutches and associated clutch components for the commercial vehicle market in China. The clutches are available for various applications: general highway, dump, mixer and bus.Two types of bearing system offered to match various transmission release system,Longer life and less service needed.Unique for Proprietary Ceramic Facing Technology,Customized Damper Solutions,World-wide presence &support and Tailored Integrated Driveline solutions.

Gear reducer

Applicable to commercial vehicles and 10-12 meter passenger cars;Fully meet the requirements of electric vehicle drive system, light weight, small size, strong carrying capacity,obvious energy-saving effect; making the vehicle structure simpler, lighter weight, save a lot of space vehicle safety, convenient arrangement of the battery; cancel the transmission and drive shaft, main reducer, differential and so on the transmission components, the transmission chain is shorter, helpful to improve the transmission efficiency, and make the vehicle dynamic response faster.

Hydraulic retarder

Effectively reducing the wear and tear of the main brake, prolonging the tire life, and ensuring the safe operation of the car with safety electric control, the hydraulic retarder have been widely used in heavy-duty trucks and vehicles with no interference to whole vehicle electrical system.

Transmission Case

Having formed a joint venture with Caterpillar that manufacture drivetrain systems and other complex components for Caterpillar machinery and produce a full line of on-highway automatic transmissions like CX28,CX31, with a comprehensive production capacity of annual production of one million units of transmissions ;covering the market fields from 4 to 24 speed, widely matched with over one thousand types of vehicles from more than 150 domestic vehicle manufacturers with input torque of 400-3000 Nm, such as heavy-duty vehicle, bus, medium and light truck, engineering vehicle, low-speed vehicle, etc. and widely exported to over ten countries and regions, like USA, Australia, East Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc.

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