FJ7500 Planetary Reducer

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FJ7500 Planetary Reducer

FJ7500 Planetary Reducer

  • Compact structure, light weight and the output ratio up to 139.
  • Adopting dual-row double-stage planet gear transmission.
  • Adopting high-performance gear steel.
  • Applying optimized design on the gears and planetary structure through the latest international gear design softwear.
  • The self-aligning bearing with large capacity secures the effective power output and lifespan.
  • Widely applied to cement mixer and the other construction fields.
Reducer Model
Output Ratio
Output Torque
Output Power
Output Speed
FJ6000 135 60000N•m 60 0-20 320kg
FJ7500 139.3 75000N•m 80 0-20 360kg

1.Constant speed Fuction

When the retarder works in constant speed gear, the vehicle is downhill at constant speed, and the speed fluctuation is less than 3 km / h without obvious shock.

2.Braking Function

In different brake stalls, Hydraulic retarder can achieve the corresponding braking torque function.

3.Coordination Function

When the vehicle such as ABS, throttle, automatic transmission have the requirements of the retarder to quit work, the retarder has the function of braking.

4.Breakdown Alarming Function

When the hydraulic retarder fails or exceeds its set capacity, the controller can provide optical or acoustic alarm signals.


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