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    About 50 percent of the world’s gas stations are still haven’t supply standard diesel according to statistics. And includes the Chinese mainstream stations.The impurities in the fuel supplied by global gas station has almost double in the past few years.conservative estimate say that the average 3.8 liters of diesel in the engine can cause potential harm of 4 micron particles over 18 million. take a 200-liter tank as an example, there will be approximately one billion particles per case continued impact of the engine oil.

    Regarding the High pressure common rail fuel system applied by  National IV Standard engine. the gap of Precision Components is about Four microns. Once these tiny particles into the common rail system, parts of which will cause wear and tear on or blocked, causing fuel atomization spray failure, caused fuel consumption increased, and the entire injection system or need to be completely replaced.

    In addition to the fine particles, various forms of water in fuel oil is another big threat to the common rail system . Firstly, the water can provide nutrients for microbial growth, thereby a sharp increase of microbial will caused blocked. Secondly water can corrode the metal or the formation of scale, blocked or damaged metal parts of the fuel system. Thirdly water crystals will affect the mobility of diesel fuel and reducing engine performance in low temperature environment. Once the moisture of fuel into the common rail system beyond the affordable range. Any common rail system will be crash.

    To solvethis trouble for the user, CCEC designed  NanoNet ™ fuel filter series products for high pressure common rail system.  reducing emissions and increased fuel efficiency. Since 2012, CCEC NanoNet ™ fuel filtration products worldwide has sold more than 300,000.

    CCEC invented synthesized thickness than 1 mm of NanoNet ™ filter paper via the means of patent implanted multilayer polymerization filter.  Through repeated verification, the NanoNet ™ whole-life filter out 4 micron particles and the efficiency is as high as 98.7%. Comparing with other high-end fuel filter on the market at present,the effect of NanoNet ™ of filtering is 10 to 13 times.

    What’s more, in the case of engine vibration and fuel surge unabated, the particle retention capacity of NanoNet ™ still same. Typically, the continuous vibration of the engine or The instant influx of fuel will drive some smaller particles leave the filter paper and cause some damage on engine. and NanoNet™ have strong adsorption abilities due to the special its special structure.

    through more than 150,000 hours of engine bench, 75,000 hours of off-highway road test and more than 2,400 square kilometers of highway road test, CCEC Filtration research and development personnel confirmed the superior performance of NanoNet ™.

    And NanoNet ™ oil-water separation efficiency is confirmed as well, Oil-water separation efficiency of the whole life NanoNet ™ fuel filter is as high as 95% on average. It is three times as the mainstream high-end fuel filter. This is because the NanoNet ™ filter material does not contain completely traditional cellulose fiber, therefore not be blisters soft to failure. After trial and error experiments, NanoNet ™ fuel filter restructuring, R & D personnel successfully through a “new filter architecture” makes oil-water separation efficiency can be increased to close to 99%. and successfully passed the certification test SAE J1488 2010. From the experimental results, performance of  NanoNet ™ fuel filter of oil water separation is at the industry’s top .

    NanoNet ™ is good at make a balance between filtration efficiency and the service life, conventional fuel filter began to lose filtration efficiency and start blocking after a period of use, but NanoNet ™ still maintaining a high fuel flow and gradually collect block more particles. Which have proved by 150 pieces of heavy duty engine. Heavy truck highway application NanoNet ™ filter service life can up to 100000 kilometers. Longer service mileage means less filter maintenance times and longer operating time. NanoNet ™ will help end users avoide some economic losses. Belive that people can know which is more important between the high efficient fuel filter and expensive high-end rail system.

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