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  • Distinguishing genuine or fake CCEC parts from package

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    The precondition of distinguishing, users can understand the packaging specification of Genuine CCEC parts and be familiar with the formal product packaging design.  Genuine CCEC parts packing must be in conformity with the CCEC global packing specification, and the regulations of packaging unified the visual image of CCEC in all kinds of packaging.

    Genuine parts packaging design elements: For the most common used cardboard packaging, CCEC regulated that packaging must include the following designs:

    • CCEC ® logo CCEC company logo
    • “Genuine Parts” 7 kinds of language translation, including Chinese “???????”
    • English “Genuine Parts”
    • The case number and the recycling symbol
    • English/Chinese label tags
    • Anti-counterfeiting labels

    CCEC Genuine Parts


    Genuine parts packing material/ color: Cardboards for outer packaging can be only brown corrugated boxes and white cartons. The text color on corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, envelopes, and pallets, corrugated board can be only black.

    Genuine parts packing forms: The commonly used forms of genuine CCEC parts packaging are recycled corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, envelopes, pallets, corrugated board, aluminum-plastic packaging, and sealing tapes with parts labels, “genuine CCEC parts” and service hotline. Concrete form, as shown in the figure:







    Genuine parts packaging labels: genuine CCEC parts must include product labels, and anti-counterfeiting labels.

    The outside boxes of genuine CCEC part have three tags: Chinese product labels, English product labels and anti-counterfeiting labels. Both Chinese and English product labels are designed in red ;

    The outside boxes of CCEC ReCon remanufacturing parts also have three tags: English product labels, Chinese products, and anti-counterfeiting labels. English labels are red, ending with NX, and Chinese labels are dark;

    There are two labels on outside boxes of CCEC East Asia parts: Chinese product labels and anti-counterfeiting labels, product labels are designed in white.

    Making good use of anti-counterfeiting labels, multiple ways to verify the authenticity of products .

    When you purchase parts, please make sure the outer packing of the genuine parts with Chinese product quality 365 anti-counterfeiting labels. When you scratch the coating, you can see the unique anti-counterfeiting code with twenty numbers. You can via a variety of ways to check the authenticity of products:

    I) Make advisory calls 010-12365

    II) Make free calls 400 710 2365

    III) By mobile phone: text message ZJJ * adding anti-counterfeiting code, and then sending to 12114

    IV) Visit the website of CCEC: www.CCEC.com.cn/parts/check

    CCEC parts


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