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  • How to solve the problem of glue coke accumulation in Engine

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    Fuel in the storage, transportation, prone to oxidation reaction, the formation of colloidal substances. According to the solubility of these gums can be divided into gasoline: sol and insoluble gum. Soluble colloids, also known as sediment, are added to the fuel tank of the car and will stick to the fuel filter, clogging the filter media, reducing the fuel supply, causing insufficient fuel delivery, poor fuel atomization, Resulting in dilute combustible mixture, the engine power and economic decline. Soluble gelatin into the combustion chamber and gasoline together, it will in the intake valve, piston top, piston ring groove, combustion chamber, spark plug and other parts of the formation of many hard carbon deposition, resulting in lax valve closure, the engine performance degradation, such as Speeding down, idle speed instability, stalling, jitter, detonation and a series of failures. Engine work, the fuel or fleeing into the combustion chamber of the lube can not be 100% burning, unburned part of the oil under the catalysis of high temperature and oxygen to form hydrochloric acid and resin-like gum, adhere to the surface of the parts, and then The high temperature action is further concentrated into a complex mixture of asphaltenes and oil coke, the so-called carbon deposits.
    In order to eliminate these faults, it is necessary to remove the carbon in the coke and gasoline, but many auto repair plant commonly used method is to remove the engine before cleaning. Because today’s car engine is quiet and dust-free ultra-quiet environment, according to strict process requirements for assembly. If disassembled and cleaned before reassembly, its power, sealing performance is not compared with the original performance. Now you no longer have to worry about this, because only need to add a certain percentage of fuel tank cleaning agent in the tank, you can solve the problems caused by carbon deposition.
    A long time idling easily lead to the formation of automobile carbon deposition. Car idling, less air into the engine, so that the air flow becomes smaller, so easy to make cars faster carbon deposition. Second, the use of car cleaners to reduce the formation of carbon deposition. The formation of automobile coke is because there are some impurities in gasoline, if the use of relatively clean gasoline, then the formation of automobile carbon deposition will be less. If you use some car cleaner, you can activate the carbon particles formed on the metal surface. Third, regular cleaning of the car’s intake systemTo the car’s intake system to do some necessary cleaning is the most effective way to reduce the formation of coke, so the owner can be in about 30,000 kilometers to the car’s intake system to do some necessary cleaning engine carbon solution to the problem.

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