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    Primary maintenance

    Once a month

    Maintenance program:

    (1)clean the car inside and outside of the assembly and external.

    (2)check and adjust the belt tightness of air conditioning compressor and cooling system.

    (3) check the tightening of the drive shaft cross bolt.

    (4) check the tightening of bolts at each joint of the steering mechanism.

    (5) check the tightening of air suspension and thrust rod support and shock absorber bolts.

    (6) clean the outside of the battery, check and add distilled water.

    (7) check the tightening of engine, radiator and so on.

    (8) check the tightening of the floor and passenger seats in the car.

    (9) check the tightening of sheet metal parts, decorative parts, accessories, lamps and electrical parts.

    Two stage maintenance

    Once every three months

    Maintenance program:

    (1) the whole content of maintenance at the first level.

    (2) clean the dirt deposited on the inside of the rotor cover of the oil filter

    (3) clean the oil filter element.

    (4) change the tyre according to regulations.

    (5) check the lubrication oil of engine, transmission and rear axle , add if insufficient, and according to the prescribed mileage to replace its oil.

    (6) clean the fuel tank and piping and blow the air filter element.

    (7) check the electric liquid proportion and charge if necessary.

    (8) check the oil level of the steering gear and add when it is insufficient.

    (9) check the free rotation of the steering wheel and adjust when necessary.

    Three stage maintenance

    Once every five months

    Maintenance program:

    (1)All the one or two level maintenance project

    (2)Dismantl and inspect the engine assembly

    A, clean the cooling system

    B, clean the oil cooler

    C,replace the air filter element

    D,replace the valve seal liner if needed

    E,check the fuel supply advance angle and adjust when necessary

    F,check the the tightening of cylinder head bolts, connecting-rod bolts and main bearing bolts, tighten the insufficient torque to the specified value.

    G, check the water seal in the pump, add new grease.

    H, Dismantl and inspect generator, starter, clean, repair and fill new grease.

    I, Decide whether to disassemble the cylinder head, repair the valve and so on according to the situation

    J, determine whether to check the oil supply of oil pump according to the situation .

    (3) check the steering knuckle and the joints of the horizontal and straight tie rods.

    (4) change oil of steering gear, clean and lubricate steering shaft cross shaft bearing.

    (5) check and clean all kinds of valves in brake system and brake chamber diaphragm to ensure braking performance.

    (6) check the cross shaft bearings of the drive shaft.

    (7) check whether the joints in the body and frame are firm.

    (8) check the tightness of binding bolts of doors and windows, lubricate the door hinge, door locks and other moving parts.

    (9) check the paint inside and outside the car, derust and paint when necessary.

    (10) check whether the instrument and the corresponding inductor is working properly.

    (11) derust and paint rims.

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