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  • Chinese Policeman Arrest People Making Fake DCEC Engines

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    Recently, it took police 90 days to successfully solve the case of extra-large producing fake engine in Xiangyang Hubei. Over 10 people from two companies that manufacturing copy DCEC engines has been caught and putted in jail by policeman in Xiangyang city, where DCEC engine factory located. It is reported as news on CCTV and you can check the video with EMAC translated on Youtube: https://youtu.be/x7BBibueqPE

    Chinese Police Arrest People Makeing Counterfiet DCEC Engines-1

    Last November, some DCEC staff reported to policy that some businessmen counterfeit registered trademark of a well-known brand engine and manufacture engine for foreign sales.Through the early stage of the secret investigation, police has learned that there are two companies which manufacturing fake famous brand engine, and preliminary mastered their manufacturing process.

    Chinese Police Arrest People Makeing Counterfiet DCEC Engines-2

    They purchase old famous brand engine from repair shop, and replaced the old engine with the new parts. Also, they have painted the exterior of the parts and applied counterfeit trademarks,making the appearance looks like real ones.

    Chinese Police Arrest People Makeing Counterfiet DCEC Engines-3

    In the investigation, police has found that the two counterfeiting engine enterprises have the huge sales network involved in dozens of cities in China. They transport the goods once a week.Every shipment includes 5 to 6 engines and there are two ways of shipping includes logistics distribution and picking up by themselves.

    Chinese Police Arrest People Makeing Counterfiet DCEC Engines-4

    The police decided to use detection strategy in a long run to ensure that the two companies would be uprooted totally with counterfeiting sales network. Last December, the inspector found that counterfeiting companies would have a lot of transactions going. The special team which was responsible for this case decided to take action timely.

    Chinese Police Arrest People Makeing Counterfiet DCEC Engines-5

    As a result, in December 2016, 13, civilian police acted quickly and caught two suspects who were ready for delivery in a logistics park, and also seized 3 counterfeit famous brand trademark engines.At the same time, the police continued to secretly follow another counterfeiting enterprise .On February 21st,the police arrested the counterfeiting nest, caught the six criminal suspects,and detained6 counterfeit famous brand engines and a large number of items that related to the case.Then the police seized 22 counterfeit famous brand engines from sales down-line of criminal suspects.Police found the two counterfeiting companies had manufactured more than 300fake famous brand engines in recent years. 20 million RMB was involved in this case, and 18 provinces throughout the country were integrated.

    Chinese Police Arrest People Makeing Counterfiet DCEC Engines-6

    At present, the police and administrative departments for industry and commerce work together for further investigation of the case.

    DCEC was the first international engine enterprise to enter the Chinese market which started running by the year of 1996. Over the last 20 years thousands of people have worked for DCEC, some of them quitted to set up small workshops or assembly factories focusing on producing copy DCEC engines. As everybody knows, price is never a problem for Chinese supply companies, this leads to several different product quality standards of DCEC engines available in Chinese market.

    • GE (Genuine brand new Engine) which is manufactured by DCEC factory in China (joint venture with USA company), the quality standard is strictly following USA factory. The price is less than a UK or USA branded product.

    • AG (Assembled with Genuine parts) these are fake engines. Some companies in China(even some official authorized companies of DCEC) assemble engines themselves, they use genuine parts, but the assembly process is all done by hand with experience, they don’t follow any standard quality control like the official DCEC factory does.

    • AO (Assembled with OEM/After-market parts) these are fake engines with worse quality. The price is always very attractive, most engine parts are after-market, this type of engines is very popular in Hubei province, In Shiyan city, the companies there even making complete copy Dongfeng trucks, which reported by CCTV about 5 years ago. Most companies are small with only 2-3 unskilled workers. This group of companies give Chinese DCEC engines real bad name.

    Please be careful with Chinese suppliers with attractive prices, you get cheated by counterfeits DCEC engines in the end, in general, almost over 50% of DCEC engines and parts for exporting market are counterfeits products.

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