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  • Abnormal Noises Analyzing When Engine Running

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    When the diesel engine in operation, there is not a normal phenomenon, generally will issue abnormal sound, usually a diesel engine “auscultation” will know that diesel is not the failure, if you hear unusual noises, shut down immediately to check on the diesel engine, check The reasons why. 1: diesel fuel injection too early or too late: the cylinder of metal issued by the crisp rhythmic knocking sound or low sound of percussion is not clear, and you should adjust the injection timing; 2: connecting rod bearing wear so that the gap is too large: running, hear the parts in the crankcase of a crash, reducing the diesel engine speed when suddenly a heavy and powerful you can hear a crash, this condition appears to be dismantling the bearing, if necessary Should be replaced; 3: piston pin and rod bushing hole with a small head is too loose: diesel engine running a light and sharp sound, this sound is especially clear in the constant speed operation, replace the connecting rod small end bush so that the gap is in the scope of the provisions. 4: The piston and cylinder liner clearance is too large: diesel engine cylinder block wall running to hear the crash, when the speed increases do not knock the increase, and you should replace the piston or, as the replacement of cylinder liner wear; 5: diesel engine valve spring break, tappet bend, push sleeve wear: at issue in the whole cylinder slight rhythmic knocking sound, and you should check the engine parts and replacement of damaged parts, and correct valve clearance; 6: Rolling crankshaft main bearing radial clearance is too small: diesel engine operating in particularly acute given the voice of this sound when the throttle is more clear; crankshaft main bearing rolling radial gap is too large: in operation issued a “rattling”sound, this Should check the sound of the rolling main bearings, replace if necessary; 7: crankshaft before and after the thrust bearing wear, axial clearance is too large to walk around the crankshaft: diesel engine running, swimming around the crank to hear the sound of collision, when the axial clearance should be checked for wear and thrust bearings, if necessary Replace; 8: rocker arm adjusting screw and push between the spherical seat was no oil in the engine running abnormal noises heard at the cylinder head failure analysis of dry friction issued a “creak”sound, and you should dismantle the cylinder head cover, Tim injection oil; 9: turbocharger operation of the collision when the sound is not normal, and you should be overhauled bearings for wear, impeller blades are bent, with the main engine measuring abnormal noises during operation and fault analysis for gap adjustment and replacement of Damaged parts, clean the oil filter and the turbocharger out of oil pipeline, to ensure that abnormal noises when the diesel engine operating oil flow failure analysis. 10: valve hit the piston: Operation of the cylinder head and uniform at the issue of heavy, rhythmic percussion, gently with your fingers the nuts holding the cylinder head casing felt a collision, remove the cylinder head cover, check collide Reasons, the adjustment of valve clearance, if necessary, check diesel engine abnormal noises during operation of the piston type fault is the wrong tone, if the collision, may be appropriate to deepen the valve pit or increase a thickness of 0.2.mm or .0.40 mm, shape and The underside of the skin the same copper cylinder gasket; 11: Intake and exhaust valve clearance is too large: in the running diesel engine Failure Analysis abnormal noises heard at the cylinder head more rhythmic sound, then the school should be re-valve clearance; 12: transmission gear wear, the gap is too large: the front cover is not normally issued at the sound of a sudden deceleration when the diesel engine can be heard the crash, and you should adjust the backlash, as the wear replacement of gear.

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