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    CCEC engine is running, what issues should pay attention. If the daily operation of non-standard CCEC engine, CCEC will affect the life and efficiency, so the CCEC engine is running, the right to regulate the operation (1) normal start the engine requirements of CCEC a. running time does not exceed CCEC Starter 30s, the time interval starting again 2min. b. 15s after starting the oil pressure should be reached 70KPa, or immediately check the oil level. c. 3-5min after starting to increase idle load, or lack of bearing oil supply will appear instantly. d. idle speed can not exceed 10min, it will lead to the combustion chamber carbon deposit, CCEC engine supercharger oil spills and other undesirable phenomena. e. CCEC engine water temperature not lower than 60 °C, otherwise damage the fuel will enter the oil and lubrication, can be used to empty the water temperature to accelerate. f. remain idle after the first winter start until the water table pointer or 10min after turning into the run. Water table at the same time observing the oil pressure gauge should be noted that meets the requirements. When using the auxiliary starting in winter must use a volume of liquid in the sprayer hole. (2) the basic operational requirements of CCEC Engine a. In the CCEC engine running should always observe the instrument: the water temperature should be between 74 °C -91 °C; oil pressure at idle should be greater than 70KPa, at 1200r/min should be at or above the range of 276-517kPa. b. If the CCEC engine overheating, should lower the load. Reduce the load operation if it is still overheating after a period of time, it should be down to check failure. c. CCEC engine running should pay close attention to changes in the following situations, such as either a sudden change, is likely to be a harbinger of malfunction, please check and repair them. ? engine fire or fire bad; ? vibration; ? abnormal engine noise; ? generators pressure, sudden changes in temperature; ? engine exhaust smoke too much; ? lack of engine power; ? larger oil consumption; ? Larger fuel consumption; ? fuel, oil or water leaks. (3) CCEC engine operating range a. less than the maximum torque of CCEC engine speed, full-throttle operation should not exceed 30s, otherwise it will shorten the life of the engine overhaul and could seriously damage the engine. CCEC diesel generator set above the maximum torque speed work best, it is proposed to operate within this range CCEC engines. b. Under no circumstances or environment, CCEC engines are empty no more than the maximum speed. (4) running in the cold environment, CCEC Engine In a very cold environment the engine is running, you should use a special oil, fuel and coolant (5) CCEC engine shutdown a. requirements of CCEC Engine idling before shutdown 3-5min. Because each engine before the idling stop 3-5min, lets take away the oil chamber, the heat bearings and oil seals, etc., especially the supercharger. If you suddenly stop, the bearings and oil seals killed is very high. b. cut off the fuel pump through the solenoid valve CCEC engine shutdown current to achieve the purpose.

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