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  • Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (I)

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    An operating ship must be equipped all kinds of equipments. Through these equipments, the ship can sail, berth and unberth, load and unload safely. The main equipments in the ship are power equipment, control equipment, load and unload equipment and so on.

    The Power Equipment
    The ship must be equipped a whole set of regular power equipment and accessory equipment, so they can sail in the water. This power equipment including ship main power equipment, accessory power equipment, steam boiler, cooling and air-condition equipment,
    air-compression equipment, marine pump and pipe system, fresh water production equipment and automatic system etc. These equipment mainly use in engine room, the technical department which in charge of these equipments is engine department.

    1.the Main Power Equipment
    (1). the Marine Engine
    It mainly includes all kinds of the pump and heat-exchanger and pipe system that work for the marine engine. Nowadays, the marine engine mainly uses marine diesel engine and the turbine.
    (2). the Transmission Equipment
    The power of the marine engine is passed to the propulsion device, in addition to transferring the power; it can also have the effect of slowdown and shock-absorbing. The boat can also use the transmission equipment to change the direction of the propeller.
    There are slightly differences on the transmission equipment between the different models of the marine engine. Generally, the transmission equipment consists of the reducer, clutch, coupler, coupling, thrust bearing and ship shaft, etc.
    (3). the Shaft and the Thruster
    The propeller is most widely used in thruster and mostly adopts the fixed pitch and variable pitch propeller. Marine shafting is a device which transfers the power of the marine engine to the propeller. To sum up, the marine engine produces the power through
    the transmission device and the shaft to drive the propeller, and then make the ship move forward or backward.

    2.Accessory Equipment
    The accessory equipment refers to the generator of ship, which provides the power for the ship at a normal and emergency situation. The ship power station consists of engine, electrical equipment etc.
    (1). Gen set
    The power of the gen set mainly provided by diesel engine, for the concern of safety and maintenance, large marine must be equipped of no less than two diesel gen sets of same model. Sometimes, these engines can run at the same time according to the working
    For energy saving, during the voyage, some ships can use the shaft of the marine engine to drive the generator (shaft generator) or use the heat from the main vent gas to generate low pressure steam to drive a steam turbine generator set.
    (2). Panel
    It meets the needs of the allocation, control, transmission, transformer and current transformer of power to ensure the electric drive equipment and all ship’s living, lighting, signal and communication.

    3.Steam Boiler
    Those ships which use diesel engine as the marine engine need to be equipped with steam boiler. Steam boiler consists of auxiliary oil furnace and exhaust boiler and its supporting service piping and equipment. Auxiliary oil furnace is to supply the need of
    auxiliary steam boiler,
    such as heating fuel and lubricating oil, heat, water, kitchen, etc., and meet the needs of some auxiliary engine. To save energy, during the voyage, the exhaust gas boiler use the heat in the diesel engine exhaust gas to generate steam, and the ship use only
    the auxiliary fuel boiler in berth.

    4.Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Device
    The ship installed refrigeration device to refrigerate some goods, an amount of food and to improve the living conditions of the crew and passengers, etc. The air conditioner is to keep the cabin suitable for people work and live, it includes the cooling in summer,
    dehumidification, heating in winter, humidification and ventilation work all year round. The main equipments are refrigeration compressor, evaporator, condenser, air conditioner and its automation control components, etc.

    5.Air Compression Device
    Generally, ships will be equipped with many sets of air compressor and compressed air bottle to supply the compressed air for the whole ship, such as using compressed air to start the main, auxiliary engine; changing the direction of the ship, supplying air for the whistle, deck pneumatic machinery and other equipment. The main equipments are air compressor, cartridge, piping and safety, control components, etc.

    6.Marine Pump and Piping System
    For pumping liquids such as water, fresh water, fuel oil, lubricating oil, ships need a certain number and different types of pumps. Generally, it is required in to be equipped with the bilge pump, fuel and lubricating oil transfer pump, boiler feed pump, cooling water pump, ballast pump, sanitary pump, main oil pump and water pump in the engine room. As for the pipe that connected to the pump, the ship have set up several of pipeline, the pipeline can be divided into the following system according to different purposes:
    (1). the Power System
    The pipes work for the safety of marine and auxiliary engine, which has fuel, oil, sea water, fresh water, steam, compressed air pipe, etc.
    (2). the Ship System
    The pipes for ship navigation, ship safety and the convenience of people’s lives, which include ballast, bilge water, fire control, hygiene, ventilation (air conditioning) and water piping system.

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