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  • Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (II)

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    7.Fresh Water Production Equipment
    Fresh water production equipment heat the sea water under the vacuum state to produce steam, and then the steam condenses into fresh water.

    8.Automation System
    With the science development and technology widely used in the ship, more and more advanced engine control system, remote control and
    centralized control of ship power plant, which greatly improved the working conditions of the crew and its work efficiency, reduced the
    workload of maintenance and repair. Main, auxiliary engine and other mechanical equipment in the machinery room by remote control,
    automatic adjustment, monitoring, alarm equipment of automation system, which is the modern indispensable part of the ship.
    Ship Manipulation Equipment
    Ship manipulation equipment including ground tackle, mooring and rudder equipment play an important role under sail, port control
    and mooring, which are the indispensable components for ship.
    1.Ground Tackle
    When ship berth in a water, must be anchored, using the power of anchor holding the bottom sediment and the weight of the anchor and chain,
    to overcome the drift force from the wind and flow. Anchor device can also support other ship auxiliary operations, such as in narrow channel,
    on the docks, when you leave the buoy, after ship meet ran aground accident, which can keep stable with anchor position, or by using the anchor
    self-reliance to drag ship out of the shallows.
    Anchor device is mainly composed of the anchor, anchor chain, hawse pipe, chain cable compressor, windlass, chain pipe, chain locker,
    cable releaser and so on.
    (1). Anchor
    Anchor is steel structure which is able to catch the soil at the bottom of the ocean. When the anchor berth, the anchor’s holding power and
    the undercover cable of anchor’s holding power constitute the anchoring force. There are many different kinds of anchor which was designed to
    resist the power of the wind and the flow to the ship. The most common anchors are stockless anchor, stock anchor and high holding power anchor.
    Stockless anchor is the most common use anchor, which can pack the anchor shaft into the hawse pipe, it can be used as bower anchor,
    holding power is 2 ~ 4 times than the anchor’s weight. Different ship’s anchor weight and size is different, for example, a ship’s dry weight is 100000 t,
    and its anchor weighs 12.7 t.
    (2). Anchor Chain
    Anchor chain is used to connect the anchor and hull chain, mainly pass the anchor holding power to offset the external forces on the ship
    and ensure ship safely parked in the designated waters. Anchor chain is composed by a common link, connecting link, shackle and swivel, etc.
    According to the structure, anchor chain is divided into stud and shift. The tensile strength of stud anchor chain is big,
    the ship generally adopts anchor ring with stud link; According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into cast steel chain,
    welded chain and forging chain. The quality of welding cable is better than other kinds of cable, and with low cost, it has been widely used.
    The size of the anchor chain is shown by the diameter “D” of a common link. The diameter of the common link is a measure of anchor chain strength.
    The length of anchor chain uses the section as the unit; the whole anchor chain can be connected by several sections,
    and there are each 10 sections around the left and right anchor chain. From the rules and regulations of our country,
    the length of each section anchor chain is 27.5 m. In some countries with English units, it would use 15 fathom as the length of each section anchor chain,
    or about 27 m. It adopts the detachable connecting link or the shackle to connect the sections.
    In order to quickly grasp exactly the length of anchor chain slack up or heave ahead when casting anchor and weighing anchor,
    it needs to make clear marks in each section of chain. The method is as follows: in the front and back of connection link (or shackle) of section one and section two,
    it is the first rung of the stud chain, then the first rung is round with wire on each side and coated with white
    connection link coated with red lacquer to show that it is the section one; In the front and back of connection link (or shackle) of section two and section three,
    it is the second rung of the stud chain, then the second rung is round with wire on each side and coated with white paint,
    connection link coated with red lacquer to show that it is the section two. The rest sections are analogized till the section five and section six.
    From section six, it began to repeat tag on section one with the same method, the last first or two section can be painted in red or yellow such other clear tags.
    As the anchor chain will throw all risk warning, the connecting link of anchor end also coated with white lacquer. When weighing anchor,
    it is used as the mark of the anchor out of the water and anchor entering into the hawse pipe, slow down the speed of weighing anchor in order to avoid damaging the hull or hawse pipe.

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