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    (3). Windlass
    Windlass machinery is used to throw anchor, heave up anchor, and pull back cable. The horizontal layout sprocket shaft Windlass is called horizontal windlass, which is general merchant uses windlass;
    the vertical arrangement of vertical windlass, used for warships. According to the different dynamic, the windlass is divided into electric windlass, hydraulic windlass and steam windlass,
    with roughly the same structure. Electric windlass is widely used in internal combustion engine. Steam windlass is seldom used for vessel at present, while tanker needs fire and explosion protection,
    so still use steam windlass.
    Windlass can throw or heave up two anchors simultaneously or separately, Can also heave up double anchors from more than 45 m deep water at the same time; one man can operate the clutch,
    with reliable braking device; when drop anchor with brake belt, the two anchor can be thrown at the same time, can also stopped at any time.
    Windlass/mooring winch shall, in accordance with the different usage can be divided into:
    Move the ship positioning anchor winch
    Towing winch
    Engineering ship special hoist
    Fishing boat winch
    Vertical or horizontal electric and hydraulic winch
    Winch can be configured according to customers’ requirements:
    Electric, hydraulic and diesel engine driven
    The remote control
    Constant tension device or automatic system
    Automatic vent line device
    (4). other Ancillary Equipments
    It is included the cable gripper, hawse pipe and chain pipe, chain locker and cable releaser.
    ?The cable gripper is set between the windlass and the hawse pipe. When anchored, it is used to grip the chain and bear external force to protect the windlass. When sailing, it is used to tighten the anchor
    and bear the weight of the anchor, and make sure that the chain will not hit the deck.
    ?Hawse pipe is on both sides of the bow, across the deck and the shell plate, composed by deck chain hole and barrel, a first hole that chain is in and out of the hull and collects the bolt.
    Hawse pipe is equipped with blowholes to flush chain. When anchoring, water flow in by the deck pipe system to flush the anchor. In order to prevent the water from the hawse pipe poured onto the deck
    and ensure the safety of personnel in the deck, it is equipped with storm cover on deck chain hole.
    ?Chain pipe is the pipe that the chain is in and out of the chain locker. It is installed under a windlass left and right sprocket, right in the middle of the chain locker.
    Its diameter is 7 ~ 8 times of the chain diameter. The deck nozzle of the chain pipe is equipped with waterproof cover. When sailing,
    the waterproof cover should be closed in order to prevent water from entering the chain locker.
    ?Chain locker is the compartment to store chain, located in the front of the bow collision bulkhead, under the windlass. Its shape is 30 times of the circular chain locker diameter.
    It doesn’t need the personnel to arrange the chain. Chain locker is separated from left to right; it is equipped with manhole and wall ladder in the middle of the longitudinal bulkhead,
    just for people entering in and out of the chain locker. Above the bottom, it has cushion board, molten steel plate and a drain system for discharging water.
    ?Cable releaser is a dedicated device for making the end of the chain quickly release from the hull when an emergency occurred.

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