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    I Genuine Parts: it is from engine manufacturer, it may be produced by OEM manufacturer assigned by engine manufacturer. the quality of these parts is reliable with the warranty of engine manufacturers. Generally it with engine manufacturer’s logo, manufacturer Number .and part number.

    II OEM Parts: It is from OEM manufacturer assigned by engine manufacturer. without engine manufacturer’s logo and the warranty of engine manufacturers . Compared with genuine parts, it is difficult to make a difference on quality. and the price is cheaper.

    III After-market Parts: It is from Non-OEM manufacturers with independent trademark. Sometimes it is assigned as second or third OEM manufacturers to supply parts for engine repair. compared with OEM Parts, generally the quality is low.

    IV Copy parts: It is totally copy the package and brand of the genuine parts. actually it is produced by some small processing plants, to meet customer’s need on price, Some supplier selling copy parts as genuine parts to cheat customers. the quality can’t meet customer’s need at all.

    V Original disassembly parts: it is disassembling from original engine when modifing the original engine depends on customer’s need, the quality and performance of those parts are the same as original parts. but it isn’t totally news without original package. And original disassembly parts aren’t common in market.

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