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  • The Requirements for the Performance of the Locomotive Diesel Engine

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    Locomotive diesel engine is widely applied in car and internal combustion engine or vibration car. There are a lot of experts studying its use in railway traction method after this kind of diesel engine was invented. This article will mainly introduce for the requirements of the performance of the locomotive diesel engine.

    Circuit conditions often will be changed when the railways run on it. Railways should run according to the plan, so the locomotive diesel engine needs a relatively wide change in speed and power. From the run time scale, the condition of partial load is probably accounted for about a half, idling accounted for about forty percent and the calibration of the use of time is not so much, the distribution of the railway area is very broad, the natural environment conditions will also change when the train is running, which requires the diesel engine with shallow adaptability.

    Locomotive diesel engine not only in the case of calibration, at the same time, more important is the partial load and idle time, fuel and oil consumption is small, efficiency compatible and locomotive traction characteristics and economy should have a best lowest no-load steady speed, the performance index with the small change of the environmental conditions, the noise is not very high, exhaust smoke and harmful ingredients are not many, cold machine or a heat engine can be continuous, reliable starting, usually at the time of + 5 degrees Celsius, the starting time less than ten seconds, this is the performance requirements of the locomotive diesel engine.

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