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  • The influencing factors of Guangzhou generator price

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    People who know well of generator market in Guangzhou will find the price of the generator is different all the time. It will have a floating up and down. In such a situation, Sheng Qikang said, because the generator is a technology-intensive product, the price of Guangzhou generator is expensive on the market. It will only be used in large power stations. But with the development of economy, the demand of diesel generators is rising, so the requirements of function and technical performance become increasingly higher, resulting in Guangzhou generator price appeared a floating up and down.

    Although under the fierce competition, the price of the diesel generator is falling, but because of the high logistics costs, inventory costs, etc. of domestic diesel generator parts, the generator prices will be rising. Therefore, it is the leading cause of the generator prices appearing to a float. And there are some characteristics of the diesel generator industry in our country. Large enterprises with strong strength have a significant market share and an advantage price. Many small businesses with low market share and no advantage price need to strengthen competitive power. Different enterprises manage different products. Some enterprises single manage generator set and some have diesel generator sets and a variety of other products, of course the prices are also different.


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