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    Caterpillar Transmission

    Applying the advanced technology of Caterpillar with high fuel efficiency, good acceleration performance, good low-speed performance and high reliability. Torque range from 1000Nm to 2600Nm, Power range from 260kw to 470kw. Optimized shift schedules, lower procurement cost, lower repair cost and lower maintenance cost. Caterpillar Transmissions manufactured by Fast: CX22 | CX28 | CX31

     HD Transmission

    Domestic market share over 70%, the annual output and sales ranked the first in the world for ten successive years; market maintenance over 7 million units; more than 150 patents; covering the market fields from 4 to 24 speed, are widely matched with over one thousand types of vehicles from more than 150 domestic vehicle manufacturers with input torque of 400-3000 Nm. Fast Heavy-duty Transmissions: 6DS 8JS | 9JSD

    M&L TransmissionM&L Transmission

    Made of two stage aluminum alloy shell, designed with light weight and high strength,adopting single box and single axle structure, simple structure,Full helical gear and full grinding gear design, low noise and high reliability; Using self-made high performance fast shift synchronizer, flexible and portable operation; Fast Medium and Light Truck Transmissions : 6J | 6DS | 8JS| 10JS

    Bus TransmissionBus Transmission

    Based on the successful using of about 5000000 fast terminal customers in the field of commercial vehicles, taking the advantages of twin countershaft transmission, combined with the latest needs of today’s development of bus technology, more capacity, more portable, more stable and more reliable, cost-effective. Fast Bus transmission: 5J | 5DS | 6DS

    S Series TransmissionS Series Transmission

    Brand new manual transmission product according to European and American standard requirements, making substantial breakthroughs in noise and shift quality, applied a large number of new technologies, adopted more stringent test standards and more perfect test procedures, advanced design concept and outstanding design performance:: C6DSXL110T | C9JSQXL110T 

     AMT Transmission

    High transmission efficiency, low cost, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance and light weight. Power ranges from 220kw to 400kw. Torque is from 1200Nm to 2400Nm. The fuel economy is good and the driver’s driving level is eliminated; it is easy to drive, reduce the fatigue strength of drivers, especially in city condition; with safe and reliable operation, it can prolong the service life of clutch and transmission assembly. Fast AMT Transmissions: 6DZS180 | 10JZSD120 | 12JZSD160 | 16JZSD200

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