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  • Electric Propulsion: “the New King” of Modern Fishing Vessel Equipment (I)

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    Electric Propulsion: “the New King” of Modern Fishing Vessel Equipment

    Recently, according to the reporters’ news from the Chinese Fishing Vessel & Fishing Mechanical & Fishing Gear Association, the design drawing of China first 66 meters electric propulsion fishing vessel with Light-purse Seine was approved; relevant parties has signed the fishing vessel building contract. It is understood that the electric propulsion have been applied in China fishing vessel building field in earlier times. However, the tonnage of the vessel is not so large, and the quantity is just a little. While this building project of the electric propulsion fishing vessel with the length of more than 60 meters and the weight of kilotons has caused a little shock in the fishing vessel building market.

    How does the prospect of the electric propulsion fishing vessel? The fishing vessel design companies and building enterprises have their different views. Some of them think that, the drawing approval and contract signed would help the electric propulsion fishing vessels towards a new stage. But it cannot be overlooked that the electric propulsion method is still in the exploration step; the existing technology, market and policy will have an effect on its development.

    1.Performance superior to the traditional fishing vessels   

    66 meters electric propulsion Light-purse Seine fishing vessel comes with a total length of 66m, breadth of 10.6m, depth of 5.2m, displacement of 1695 tons, gross tonnage of 993 tons and propulsion power of 382 kW, powered by a diesel generator, and sailing by motor-driven propeller. Jiang Chengsong, Chief Engineer of Xinhai Marine Design and Research Institute in Zhejiang Province, said electric propulsion can be a great way to meet the requirements of different sailing conditions. Generators can provide sufficient electricity for high-powered fishing operations, but also meet the needs of normal sailing. Even more important is that electric propulsion fishing vessels can effectively reduce fuel consumption to reduce cost. Jiang Chengsong also introduced that diesel engine cannot be under the minimum speed during sailing, because it is easy to waste the fuel at a slow speed. Motor adopts variable-frequency control to allow running with a low speed & high torque, or constantly low speed; the increase and decrease of loading can be smooth, so the overall energy efficiency of this fishing vessel can be better. In addition, the light diesel used for diesel generators has higher quality than heavy diesel; Sulphur content is below 1.5% to significantly reduce the exhaust air emissions; especially in some foreign ports with emissions controls rules, electric propulsion fishing vessels can well meet the limited emission requirements of these ports.

    According to the building characteristics, the ship shape design and cabin arrangement for the electric propulsion fishing vessels can be different from the diesel engine fishing vessels. Electric propulsion driven fishing vessels’ shaft is shorter; occupying space of engine room is little, can increase the holding capacity of the fishing vessel; under the same scale, fishing vessel can load more fish. And, the building process of electric propulsion fishing vessel has some changes, for the process of shaft alignment is not strict as diesel engine; building process is relatively reduced.

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