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  • A Sad Experiece with Counterfeits/Copy CCEC Generator Set

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    One company purchased four units of generator set from one genset manufacturer in Shanghai, China. All generator set suppose to be powered by CCEC engies, but unfortunately, after they paid all money and got the genset, reliaze that all gensets are copy CCEC engines, one of them have big loud noisy and large viberation after running for only 7 days.

    Now customer already reported to the CCEC’s headquater, and the company will send surveyor to go to customer’s site to check the gensets. Will keep update the latest news later on to see what CCEC can do with this case.

    Below is the details of this customer case.

    "This society is a screwed up society" This is not a very gentle saying, but it is expressed how upset and angry the customer is!


    This is a real experience of customer who has been cheated by one Chinese supplier with 4 units of generator set that are using counterfeits Cummins engines, which is trapped by his country’s national electricity company’s technician and Chinese supplier. Customer took advise from technician from his country’s national electricity company, to purchase four units of generator set powered by CCEC that manufactured in Shanghai, China, which suppose to have high confidence with quality guarantee. But when they started up the genset they got from Shanghai supplier, the trouble is starting. Loud noisy, unbelieveable viberates, totally not working, and sourcing help from supplier without any reply. And in the end, customer reliazed he been cheated with counterfeits CCEC engines!


    Belows are some points of conspicuous that the genset is non-genuine Cummins:

    1: No name plate or printed name for genset manufacturer, most of generator set manufacturer want to promote their own brand name if they are serious looking for long term relationship, all factory print it’s company name on the chassis and attached it’s own name plate on the genset.



    2: Even have copy parts on genset: All genuine Cummins engines manufactured in China are using Holset turbochargers, the genset customer got comes with Dongfang turbochargers.


    3: Low Quality Name plate: As a world-wide famous company, all original CCEC engines are comes with proper name plate and lables, becareful with your engine if the lables and name plate are looks like low quality.


    4: Factory Testing: All the genset with original CCEC engines, you are able to inspect the genset, actually this customer they just saw three units of genset when they are there in China for inspection, and they even not sure if that’s the genset they got!

    5: Documents: With generator set that powered by genuine CCEC engines, it’s always comes with complete documents with all major components SN on the certificate of quality, including turbocharger SN, fuel pump SN and cylinder block SN on the document, MOST IMPORTANT is, should check on CCEC online system for all this numbers, check if it’s same with system record, to make sure the certificate of quality is original one, not counterfeit document as well, then compare all the numbers with your components to check if it’s matched information, but for sure, sometimes people making counterfeit engines trying to cover all information by remove the numbers, same as this customer’s engine as below picture.


    Normally there are few situations of possibility of beening cheated:

    1: Customer find suppliers on internet only, without any identify or inspection to suppliers. It is very easy to start up a company in China now, especially registed in Hongkong, you even don’t need any office, so that’s why has thousands of whatcall Hongkong companies doing buisness on internet, which customers might have more confidence with compares to real on-ground Chinese registered company, the truth is Chinese registered company is more reliable if you asked for all company document and indentified, because it is easy to sue Chinese registered company in China than sue whatcall Hongkong companies.

    2: Don’t chase for unhealthy prices, you buy what you paid for, you can get a little bit cheaper price with bargains, but never expecting you can get a price that bigger than 10% lower than regular prices with genuine quality!

    3: Deal with "Real People": There are lots of Hongkong registered companies running in China without any proper office and company in China, but put a Chinese address(People can put any words and pictures on their website if they want, there is no limited or control with that). Many of them are just 2 or 3 persons working in home, just do business by giving out extremely low prices and always attracted lots of customers, after got deposit from customer with unhealthy prices that impossible to offer genuine products, they have many options as below:

    a. Cheat deposit: Promise customer will deliver goods and delayed for many times with hundreds of different excuses, 3-6 months later, after chasing the goods for over 10 emails, you will realiaze that you couldn’t contact the supplier, because they already gone! This kind of suppliers in China just change mobile number, telephone number and register a new company build new website, start another new cheating again, and they might been millioners already by cheated few of customers’ deposit.

    b. Supply Extremelly Low Quality Products: They will send you picture of goods, all looks good from outside appearance(They are willing to spend money on painting and do nice job with outside looking details), after you paid balance and got the goods, you will have big trouble when you actually try to run the genset.

    c. Supply you good quality products and investment for future cheaing: From a Singapore customer saying" I have been dealed with over 30 Chinese suppliers, none of them are not trying to cheat me by supplier lower quality products in later on deal", some of the suppliers give you good deal for the first time(normally first deal with trial order, so always the quantity can’t be very big), which wins your trust and you place more orders later on, and then you will reliaze the quality problems with later on deal, 20% counterfeits products, 30%….80%…100%. The rate of counterfeits good are raising fast to make extra moeny, and you will reliaze that your troubles is just starting!

    So it is really important to deal with "real people", which means face to face, you can talk to supplier face to face, that means at least they are not hiding, and you could do below things:

    1: Test supplier with technical questions, normally people cheating for money are not very experienced and professional, because they are more focusing on how to cheat money rather than know what they do.

    2: Ask their experience of overseas experience: A professional realiable team should have rich experience with international marketing, people can only understand what customer need and what we should do from real on-ground experience, you can never expecting a company or sales person can give you very professional and helpful service if they don’t have any overseas experience.

    3: Check the factory/company: Check if they are concentrate on the related industrials, you can’t expecting get high value for money products if their business are covers over 3 industries. Especially for the trading company, they only sourcing for lowest prices supplier after they got order from your side, how could you expecting they give you good quality products?

    4: Check their mind: Do they have long terms relationship concept? Do they cares for money more or relationship more? Do they serious enought to take the responsibility if anything bad happens.

    4: Becareful with B2Bs: B2B’s principle of ranking is who pay highest, who got highest ranking on search result, so can you expecting to get reliable supplier from there? Actually the costs for all the list supplier on B2B are very high nowadays, most of supplier on B2Bs even’t can’t earn the money back they paid for B2B companies, so many of companies can just try to get as high profit as they can on each order, how to make this come true? For sure, counterfeits products is easy, simple and high effient way.

    5: Check Supplier’s Record: Try to get some information on internet about your supplier or asked for some other overseas buyers of the company, for sure, if the buyer list is introduced from your supplier themselves, it is not that reliable, if you can get the related customers to ask for information directly, it will be lot more reliable.

    6: Ask for company documents: Company registeration documents is very useful to identify if the company is real or not, at least it will helps you to aviod beening cheated by the people even can’t give out proper registration documents, and also it is very serious illeagle if people making fake regirstration documents, because that’s the documents from government.

    A promise is a promise, EMAC International Group is always concentrate on genuine quality engines, parts and generators that original from DCEC, CCEC, Deutz factories. Whoever dealing with Chinese suppliers should always remember that, price is always not a problem with your Chinese suppliers, but trust is the problem! EMAC might can’t give you lowest price, but EMAC never cheat any of customer and always be responsible for all of our business partners.

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