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  • CCEC Takes You Warming-up about the bauma China 2014

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    CCEC Takes You Warming-up about the bauma China 2014

    bauma China 2014

    Welcome CCEC Booth.

    With less than two weeks, engineering machinery industry event “bauma” exhibition is held again on the 25th to 28th of November, at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

    CCEC, as the worldwide leading power equipment manufacturers with the nearly hundred years of history, will focus on their abundant Off-highway power products on this exhibition show, as well as the tailored exclusive power series for the excavators, loaders, forklifts; at the same time, they also will show the Off-highway and the fourth stage (EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV) electronic control engines, which meet the most strict discharge standard; exhibits broadly covers QSF 2.8 to QSK 60 liters (46-3150 HP) engines and parts, etc. In CCEC booth, the audience can not only experience CCEC the ability of design, integration and production core technology, can also closely feel the beauty of the CCEC engines’ exquisite and powerful modern science and technology.

    Oh, wait, before more content, it is necessary to make a clear explanation about the exhibition name for all of you.

    What is the bauma China?

    For most people, they like to call the biennial bauma China as “bauma Shanghai Exhibition”, or directly the “bauma Exhibition”. In fact, this just is transliteration. “bauma” is the abbreviation of German “construction machinery – baumaschinen”. So, the “bauma” is not the “BMW”. In addition, for character instruction or publicity, the first letter “b” in “bauma China” doesn’t need capital like ordinary English format, but a lowercase!

    Since its successful premiere in 2002, bauma China followed the step of the development Chinese construction machinery industry and met the market demand in China and Asia, became the best business communication platform for the suppliers and professional audience to grasp the industry direction, and understand the engineering machinery market trends. On all previous exhibitions, many multinational giants and independent brand manufacturers in the engineering machinery field have launched their innovative products, displayed their own advantages to make the exhibition be the best industry event of China and Asia engineering machinery industry.

    What can we see on bauma China?

    The bauma China 2014 will still be hold at Shanghai New International Expo Center, nearly 3000 exhibitors distribute in 17 indoor exhibition halls and 100000 square meters outdoor exhibition areas. Due to the Chinese market playing a decisive role in the development of the global engineering machinery industry, the exhibitors include almost all the domestic well-known engineering machinery manufacturers, as well as the registration participation enterprises from 43 countries and regions in the world.

    This exhibition organizer defined the theme slogan as “Building into the Heart to Build the Future”. At present, the adjustments of engineering machinery industry of China has gradually entered into the end; enterprise how to step out the mire of the homogeneity and price war, and make the breakthrough in the fierce competition will become the biggest hotspot of this exhibition; facing the severe market competition of China, the foreign enterprise brands how to cope with the challenge of localization is worth the audience looking forward to.

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